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ORS Physical Therapy offers the residents of Winnebago the opportunity to improve their mobility and reduce dizziness with customized vestibular rehab that is noninvasive and all-natural. Do you currently live your day-to-day life battling balance issues, dizziness, and simply the loss of mobility? It sounds like you need vestibular rehab to get a better handle on your symptoms and get components of your life back, which is precisely what you will receive from the experts at ORS.

Winnebago is one of the smaller villages located in northcentral Illinois near the Wisconsin border. Winnebago radiates the small-town feel, especially being a midwestern and predominantly agricultural region. It is also one of the home towns in which one of our five different ORS facilities is located. Our professionals at ORS are waiting to serve the community of Winnebago with uniquely designed vestibular rehab that has been proven effective for many patients.

There is no longer a need for you to suffer in silence in Winnebago because with the help of our team of highly experienced specialists, we can get you on the road to recovery today. ORS therapists take the team approach in vestibular rehab, where our specialists will converse with others to ensure your treatment plan best suits your specific needs. Each patient will have diverse needs and struggles, so it only makes sense that each patient’s vestibular rehab program reflects just that. Allow ORS Physical Therapy to help you get your life back one day at a time.

Winnebago Vestibular Rehab