Check out these videos or read the testimonials below to hear what some of our clients have to say about their experience at Orthopedic Rehab Specialists.

Sam Biafora, MD – Orthopedic Surgeon from Hand to Shoulder AssociatesSam Biafora, MD – Orthopedic Surgeon from Hand to Shoulder Associates

I have worked with Leah Crull for many years. I have great confidence in her and know my patients are in great hands under her care. She clearly has passion for her work and cares for her patients.

Michael Birman, MD – Orthopedic Surgeon from Hand to Shoulder AssociatesMichael Birman, MD – Orthopedic Surgeon from Hand to Shoulder Associates

After routine or complex hand surgeries, I am confident when they treat with Leah that the patient is getting expert hand therapy care to get the best outcome possible. My patients whom she has treated have consistently conveyed the value of her experience and encouragement for their recovery after hand injuries and surgeries.

Jeanne Hnilicka, PA-C (Rockford)Jeanne Hnilicka, PA-C (Rockford)

At my wit’s end three years ago with debilitating chronic neck pain, I worked weekly first with Gordon Green, PT and later with Woody (Michael Wood, PT).  This has prevented me from undergoing any further surgery.  I'd encourage anyone with chronic neck and/or back pain to give this therapy a try!

My chronic neck pain began in graduate school in 2006.  It was an achy, pressure-type pain that spread to my right shoulder but did not radiate down the right arm.  No relief was provided by three different sessions (3 months each) of PT.  Daily aspirin helped a little, but trigger point injections did not.

In 2008 I opted to have C5-C7 discectomy and fusion, which reduced the pain by half during the first year postoperatively.  Working as a physician assistant, I experienced a gradual increase of pain, resulting in the need to quit working and apply for/receive disability in 2017.

Before finding Orthopedic Rehab Specialists in 2016,  I tried both medical massage therapy & aquatherapy with no major immediate or long-lasting relief.  In 2015, my surgeon offered to do further discectomy and fusion, quoting a 70% success rate in reducing pain.  I sought a second opinion from an orthopedic surgeon who quoted a 30% chance of reduced pain & explained that I may need more surgeries, resulting in a totally fused neck and the inability to drive a car.  Surgery was postponed.  I literally could not imagine how I was to cope with the pain in the following year & beyond until a follow-up visit.

Immediately following, Gordon Green, PT was highly recommended for his skilled treatment of back/neck pain.  I began working with Gordon, and within two weeks I found a substantive reduction in my neck pain.   Gordon & I discussed a long term treatment plan, & therefore I maintained a schedule of weekly manual therapy treatments with him.  Manual therapy treatment reminds me of less forceful chiropractic care.  It is more gentle than chiropractic treatment.  Manual therapy’s purpose is to mobilize all of the joints in the neck and upper back.

How does manual therapy work? Gordon explained to me that pain can be produced by joints that don’t move.  Receptors within these joints relay messages to the brain saying that something is wrong in those locations.  The messages cause further immobility because nearby muscles tense up in an effort to be protective.  Manual mobilization therapy short-circuits that cycle.

I cannot imagine my life without Orthopedic Rehab Specialists.  Plus, ORS is a fun environment where patients are encouraged to speak with each other and physical therapists and patients alike interact continually, enhancing the positive & fun atmosphere of this very unique clinic!

Tomye Erbe (Rockford)Tomye Erbe (Rockford)

I would just like to thank the entire ORS staff for taking me in after my car accident. I have suffered from migraines since I was a child, but after the car accident I was in, the migraines took up over half of each month. After months of no improvement, I was sent to ORS. I am now experiencing less migraines and gaining control over my life again. They have also helped with the back pain that I have struggled with since the accident as well. At this time, I am looking forward to returning to work soon as I am regaining coordination, strength, and confidence each and every day. If you suffer from any pains, especially migraines, don't wait any longer...get in and see what they can do for you too.

Audra Snodgrass (Byron)Audra Snodgrass (Byron)

I recommend this place to everyone.  Drew has been with me through my entire MS journey.  Not only is he my physical therapist but, on a lot of days, he's my life therapist.  I wouldn't want anyone else in my corner.  The entire staff is amazing.  Woody is always good for a high five and endless inside jokes (we won't get into the bromance he's developed with my father aka Uber driver).  I can get there in a grumpy, frustrated mood and leave smiling and full of laughter.  They truly treat their patients like family.  5 stars isn't enough for this place!

Nancy Watkins (Byron)Nancy Watkins (Byron)

This is my third rodeo with Drew.  This most current is post rotator cuff surgery.  The other two were a lumbar and cervical fusion, respectively.  Each time, Drew has helped me get to a great place, feeling stronger and experiencing a better quality of life than prior to the surgeries.  While doing rehab today, the song "Put Me In Coach" played.  This seems to be my theme song. When something happens, Drew helps me to get back into the life thing because I am nowhere near done.  Absolutely LOVE the staff!!!!

Maelynn Heintzelman (Dixon)Maelynn Heintzelman (Dixon)

Great place for rehab! Devon provides caring, professional services.  She is highly efficient and truly cares for her clients.  Brittany, the receptionist, is also friendly and helpful.  If you need help healing, this is the place to go!

Mary Hickey (Dixon)Mary Hickey (Dixon)

I have never had such a wonderful experience at Physical Therapy.  Devon has helped me with my knee in the past and she is now helping me with my back.  I highly recommend ORS to everyone!!

Cheryl Erickson (Rockford)Cheryl Erickson (Rockford)Had Daily Headaches...

I have had daily headaches for years and have tried numerous medications to relieve the pain. I was sent to ORS by my doctor.  The physical therapist started needling with PT on my neck and shoulders – it has been amazing! I now have 1-2 headaches a month. I am so thankful. I tell my family and friends about how it helped!

Karen Virnoche-Brown (Byron)Karen Virnoche-Brown (Byron)No surgery required...

It’s a miracle. Thanks for making it happen without surgery.

Marilyn Deming (Byron)Marilyn Deming (Byron)Great Healers!

This is the greatest place to get your physical therapy, with Drew or Woody. They are great and great healers!

Diana Snodgrass (Byron)Diana Snodgrass (Byron)Recommend over and over again!

I graduated!! Tiffany, Drew, and Woody totally rocked it! Appointments were like visiting with good friends. Super friendly and caring. My PT was point on. I feel better than I have for a long time. Would I recommend this office, you bet I would… over and over again!

Michael Erickson (Rockford)Michael Erickson (Rockford)Living pain free

After suffering a herniated disc and sciatic nerve pain, I made an appointment at ORS with back specialist, Gordon Green. I underwent three months of therapy and my excruciating leg/back pain and numbness disappeared. I’ve been pain free for four years and I have given Gordon’s business cards to many of my friends.

Audrey Dennis (Rockford)Audrey Dennis (Rockford)Dry Needling Believer

I have recently been in therapy for my neck/back after having posterior disc replacement surgery. Progress has been slower than I would like and my therapist asked me if I would like to try dry needling therapy. I decided it was worth a try.  I am surprised and happy with how much it has helped. It didn’t tickle, but it is so much better! I would recommend this to anyone with this type pain.

John Stone (Rockford)John Stone (Rockford)Prefers ORS

ORS has helped me with my headaches from the whiplash I received in a rear end crash. They also got rid of the shoulder and neck pain. Thanks to Paul. I have used other ortho places but I prefer ORS; they care about your recovery. It’s a place I look forward to going to. Keep up the good work ORS!

Catherine Mott Rydberg (Rockford)Catherine Mott Rydberg (Rockford)Happy Client

These guys are awesome! For over three years they have cared for me and members of my family. They are healers but also friends. I wouldn’t do my next surgery without them.

Bruce Anderson (Dixon)Bruce Anderson (Dixon)

I sincerely appreciate Devon's efforts and approach to my therapy.  From the beginning it has been an effective and challenging exercise. Thank you Devon!

Ingo Reinbolz (Byron)Ingo Reinbolz (Byron)

ORS was recommended by my son to me and I highly recommend it to anyone!

Mary Kielty (Byron)Mary Kielty (Byron)Very satisfied!

As a client of your Byron facility, I was extremely happy with the care I received.  I have had PT in other places and this was head and shoulders above-Drew was very kind and extremely knowledgeable.  I will highly recommend Drew to all my friends.