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Only one company can offer such an environment for your treatment, and that is with the professionals at ORS Physical Therapy. Your recovery is your personal journey, so why not select the physical and massage therapy facility where you feel comfortable and confident in Winnebago? ORS is a locally owned and operated physical and massage therapy facility with multiple locations, like the one in Winnebago, staffed with knowledgeable and skilled individuals who provide an assortment of treatment options, including Swedish massage therapy.

The village of Winnebago comprises under 3,000 residents in its predominantly agricultural region of Winnebago County. In such a small town like Winnebago, when recommended a restaurant, boutique for shopping, or even a physical therapy facility like ORS, you trust the words of your peers. Your experience with other facilities near Winnebago with your recovery process will not be compared to the open and inviting environment you will receive when you walk into any of the ORS locations for your Swedish massage treatments.

The hope is that when you enter a physical therapy appointment, your therapist will listen to you thoroughly and create a unique to your needs treatment plan that will also fit int your life. This is the treatment that you will receive when you visit any ORS facility for either or both physical or massage therapy. At ORS, our therapists will even join forces by adding therapies like Swedish massage to your plan, which will help with your recovery but will also help reduce pain. Be sure you are solely choosing the facility that puts your needs first in Winnebago and calling ORS Physical Therapy to schedule your Swedish massage therapy sessions.

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