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Rotator cuff pain can limit your ability to do everyday activities, which is why Orthopedic Rehab Specialists customizes a treatment that allows beneficial results. ORS has a certified physical therapist with many years of experience in multiple locations. If you are struggling with a rotator cuff injury and need rotator cuff rehab, contact our office, and you’ll receive a FREE screening. If you are recovering from a torn rotator cuff surgery in the Winnebago area, we offer the lowest prices, welcoming staff and professional service.

Winnebago Rotator Cuff Pain

Our goal is to eliminate rotator cuff pain and get you to a place of preventing future injury. Our Winnebago customers have grown to rely on ORS for treating rotator cuff pain. Winnebago is a village located in Winnebago County, Illinois with about 3,100 residents. Here at ORS, we provide the rotator cuff rehab aimed at restoring both your mobility and strength, while eliminating pain. If you have been dealing with a torn rotator cuff and are fed up with high prices for rotator cuff rehab, allow the specialists at ORS to help get you with recovery.

Winnebago Torn Rotator Cuff

ORS knows that the severity of an injury can determine the amount of rotator cuff pain, so you can rest comfortably knowing that we design a treatment that considers all factors and progressively aids with therapies that heal. Our team is prepared and committed to helping you recover from your rotator cuff injury with both efficient and affordable rotator cuff rehab. If you need physical therapy after a torn rotator cuff surgery, please give Orthopedic Rehab Specialists a call at (815) 227-1700 to schedule your comprehensive evaluation. Let us help you on your road to recovery!

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