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At Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialists, our qualified pelvic pain doctors will provide you with pelvic pain physical therapy. You will receive pelvic pain physical therapy options from your very own doctor. Your pelvic pain doctor will release you from pelvic pain. If your pelvic pain has stopped you from doing what you want, ORS is the physical therapy clinic offering the best holistic pelvic pain physical therapy in the Winnebago area. Please get in touch with the staff at our pelvic pain clinic to take the first step to physical therapy.

Winnebago is located in Winnebago County and is home to nearly 3,000 residents. We have proudly served Winnebago and surrounding cities since 1999. The patients in Winnebago trust ORS because we are the physical therapy clinic that genuinely cares about your overall health and pelvic pain. Residents in Winnebago can now receive pelvic pain physical therapy that can provide an alternative to medication and surgery at ORS.

ORS supplies the best doctors who get down to the source of your pelvic pain. Your pelvic pain doctor won’t just focus on numbing the pain with medication. Our pelvic pain doctors focus on a whole approach, as many cases of pelvic pain involve stress and emotional components. Our Winnebago patients enjoy that we provide effective physical therapy to handle their pelvic pain. Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialists accept Medicare and insurance!

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