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Are you searching for a facility near Winnebago that offers pelvic floor physical therapy and has therapists that will genuinely care about my treatment success? Lucky for you, located right here in Winnebago is one of the five locations of ORS Physical Therapy, which is the preferred and superior physical therapy facility in all of northern Illinois. Here at ORS, our therapists and specialists care deeply about our patient’s success and treatment plans, so much so that we create a particular pelvic floor physical therapy treatment plan for each patient in Winnebago.

When it comes down to it, we understand that any physical therapy can be annoying, but ORS is a different level of therapy. Winnebago is one of the smaller villages located in the north-central region of Illinois near the Wisconsin border that exudes a small-town aesthetic, and is known as a midwestern and predominantly agricultural region. Winnebago is one of the five cities with a top-of-the-line ORS Physical Therapy facility just waiting to serve the community with body and life-changing pelvic floor physical therapy from our many certified physical therapists.

All of our ORS facilities are relaxed and welcoming environments making pelvic floor physical therapy a little less of a beast to tackle. Then you have our entire team of therapists and specialists alike who are kind and friendly and want to see you succeed in your pelvic floor physical therapy treatment that is created solely for your body. Choose to partner with the absolute best in pelvic floor physical therapy and call ORS Physical Therapy in Winnebago for your free consultation to get started this week!

Winnebago Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy