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ORS Physical Therapy occupational therapy center in Winnebago offers better health through holistic methods and relief with occupational therapy and adaptive equipment solutions. Do not let your debilitating pain and mobile limitations keep you from living your best life any longer. For a free initial consultation and to begin your journey to better health through occupational therapy, call ORSPT today. When you want natural solutions, we have proven occupational therapy treatment without dangerous and unnecessary medications.

At ORSPT centers, we understand the frustration being in pain can cause in everyday life. Pain, stroke, or injury can reduce mobility and lead to a debilitating lifestyle. Call the ORSPT center in Winnebago today to schedule your free assessment and start your journey to relief with occupational therapy. In Winnebago County, IL, the quaint village of Winnebago with slightly over 3,000 residents has many amenities for residents and travelers alike. Also, in Winnebago, ORSPT is the occupational therapy clinic more residents rely on for effective treatment.

In Winnebago, our occupational therapy center has treated many residents for their chiropractic and rehabilitation needs. At ORSPT occupational therapy center, you will feel the dedication to our patients, and we work to provide a positive and practical treatment experience in a comfortable, local setting. We have the medical professionals and occupational therapy team to develop a treatment plan tailored to your needs. When you need occupational therapy after a stroke, accident, or surgery, ORS Physical Therapy is who to call.

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