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You do not have to live with constant pain or limited mobility. Let ORS Physical Therapy center show you how to get the relief you are looking for with the movement specialist and treatment plan designed for you. We have physical rehab specialists, chiropractors, and movement specialists to treat the whole body. If you have not experienced integrated medical services offered at ORSPT, there is no better time to schedule your free movement specialist consultation!

The professional movement specialist at ORSPT is waiting to serve the Winnebago community with chiropractic care and holistic excellence. In Winnebago County, IL, the quaint village of Winnebago with slightly over 3,000 residents has many amenities for residents and travelers alike. Also, in Winnebago, ORSPT is the physical therapy clinic more residents rely on for effective mobility treatment and professional movement specialists.

We have customized treatment plans to help improve mobility and relieve pain. Because pain symptoms vary from individual to individual, the staff at ORSPT is constantly devoted to improving mobility and pain relief options and creating treatment plans to accommodate our patients varying needs. For free mobility, improvement consultation, call the ORS Physical Therapy center today! In Winnebago, we are the first mobility specialist to call!

Winnebago Movement Specialist