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Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialists help patients seek relief with holistic care. Our massage therapists take pride in having a variety of techniques, exercises, and services available to help you manage sore and achy muscles. If you are active and are sore all the time, deal with stress, or even want to improve your flexibility and mobility, massage therapy may be beneficial for you. ORS is a physical therapy center with experienced massage therapists that have years of training for our Winnebago clients.

Winnebago is located in Winnebago County and is home to nearly 3,000 residents. ORS massage therapists help improve your healing, so you return to your everyday life. Our massage therapists have over 17 years of experience delivering excellent massage therapy and affordable health care to our patients in Winnebago. An initial ORS evaluation consists of an intake interview, an assessment to identify impairments and goals and establish a treatment plan.

ORS will start and propose a personalized rehabilitation plan created specifically for your restoration. A trained massage therapist provides our massages and will include settling techniques, balance-restraining activities, and strengthening exercises to lessen symptoms. Our patient-centered center provides complete consultation preferences. Let Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialists provide a massage that cares about your health today! Call us today to set up your appointment.

Winnebago Massage Therapist