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Are you putting off seeking treatment for your bulging disc injury due to the rumors you have heard about facilities in Winnebago? Let us introduce you to ORS Physical Therapy, which has one of our five locations in Winnebago that offers top-of-the-line bulging treatments. Our specialists and physical therapists join forces at ORS to develop specific treatment plans for your bulging disc needs to improve mobility, increase strength, and decrease your regular pain level. ORS is the only facility you will find near Winnebago, whose goal is to see you succeed with a unique approach.

The village of Winnebago is a quaint, small town that is less than two square miles in size, located eighty miles from the busy city of Chicago. This community of roughly 2,500 residents is part of the primarily agriculturally based region of the state. Sometimes you will hear or see physical therapy facilities that seem great in advertising, but once you enter the door, it is the exact opposite. You will NOT find those issues in Winnebago when you choose ORS as the facility to assist you with your bulging disc injury.

When you decide to partner with ORS for your bulging disc treatment, you will not only improve your back pain and discomfort, but you will be taking an active role in your health and wellness. Plus, once you work with the professionals at ORS, you might even be able to go back to things you were doing before your bulging disc injury and have parts of your life back. Stop suffering in silence with your bulging disc pain, and call the experts at ORS Physical Therapy in Winnebago to get in this week for your consultation!

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