Tomye Erbe (Rockford)Tomye Erbe (Rockford)

I would just like to thank the entire ORS staff for taking me in after my car accident. I have suffered from migraines since I was a child, but after the car accident I was in, the migraines took up over half of each month. After months of no improvement, I was sent to ORS. I am now experiencing less migraines and gaining control over my life again. They have also helped with the back pain that I have struggled with since the accident as well. At this time, I am looking forward to returning to work soon as I am regaining coordination, strength, and confidence each and every day. If you suffer from any pains, especially migraines, don't wait any longer...get in and see what they can do for you too.

Audra Snodgrass (Byron)Audra Snodgrass (Byron)

I recommend this place to everyone.  Drew has been with me through my entire MS journey.  Not only is he my physical therapist but, on a lot of days, he's my life therapist.  I wouldn't want anyone else in my corner.  The entire staff is amazing.  Woody is always good for a high five and endless inside jokes (we won't get into the bromance he's developed with my father aka Uber driver).  I can get there in a grumpy, frustrated mood and leave smiling and full of laughter.  They truly treat their patients like family.  5 stars isn't enough for this place!

Maelynn Heintzelman (Dixon)Maelynn Heintzelman (Dixon)

Great place for rehab! Devon provides caring, professional services.  She is highly efficient and truly cares for her clients.  Brittany, the receptionist, is also friendly and helpful.  If you need help healing, this is the place to go!