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How would you react if you were informed that there is a facility near Stillman Valley filled with experienced physical therapists and movement specialists that will be able to assist you with vertigo and balance problems naturally? Would you call today? Then ORS Physical Therapy is the facility that can provide you with top-of-the-line vestibular rehab to gift you with more independence and freedom throughout your day. Each patient will experience attentive, compassionate care that is individualized to suit your specific mobility, balance, or strength needs.

The village of Stillman Valley is located in Ogle County in northcentral Illinois and is named after the creek that runs through the small town. Many of the 1,200 residents commute to Rockton from Stillman Valley, allowing them not to have to live in such a busy city. The residents of small towns tend to talk, and ORS happens to be a common topic of conversation. When anyone in Stillman Valley finds a goldmine like ORS facilities, which provide top-tier vestibular rehab, it is shared throughout town pretty quickly.

In each of our five distinct locations, you will be met with a friendly staff that is excited to be able to assist you with vestibular rehab in a holistic manner. Instead of having surgery or invasive procedures as your treatment plan, ORS movement specialists will find a way to provide you with increased mobility, balance, and strength naturally. ORS is the absolute best facility near Stillman Valley that offers unmatchable vestibular rehab. Choose the best-suited physical therapists to help you and give ORS Physical Therapy a call today for vestibular rehab starting in days, not weeks.

Stillman Valley Vestibular Rehab