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The cornerstone of TMJ treatment near Stillman Valley are found at ORS Physical Therapy. Our TMJ pain and jaw pain treatment plans are always top-notch and in line with what our patient’s specific TMJ needs are. At ORS we recognize that each person responds differently to TMJ treatment and jaw pain relief techniques. That’s why we take the time to gather specific treatment information at your initial consult to create a personalized TMJ pain relief plan that works for you providing long-lasting relief.

Stillman Valley Temporomandibular Joint

Historically known for rich timber resources, Stillman Valley in the Rock River basin was a prime location for farmers transporting grain by rail. Located in Ogle County, Illinois, just 20 miles south of Rockford, many of the 1,100 Stillman Valley residents commute for employment and shopping. ORS has been serving the Stillman Valley and surrounding area with effective TMJ and jaw pain relief. Since TMJ treatment results vary from patient to patient, we create individual relief plans using proven techniques that work for you.

Stillman Valley Jaw Pain

At ORS we have helped numerous individuals find the TMJ pain relief and jaw pain treatment they desperately need. When you have exhausted traditional methods and over the counter pain killers without success, come to us for the TMJ treatment options that work. Pain-free living is closer than you think. You can trust the highly trained staff of ORS to provide compassionate and effective TMJ treatment with proven results. For more information, or to schedule an initial consultation, call ORS Physical Therapy.

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