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On the hunt for a trustworthy and reliable physical therapy faculty near Stillman Valley who provides exceptional care, including a deep tissue massage? Look no further than the professionals at ORS Physical Therapy. Our teams at ORS consist of many physical and massage therapists, all of whom have years of experience under their belts to ensure that you are receiving the care you deserve. Our team members are also constantly learning and staying on top of the changes in the field.

Located in the north-central portion of Illinois, the village is named after the creek that runs right through town, Stillman Valley. The small population of just over 1,200 residents primarily commute to the nearby busy city of Rockford for employment and shopping. Farmers in the surrounding areas would come to Stillman Valley to transport their grain for eventual shipment by rail to other areas. This small town of Stillman Valley proudly relies on ORS for its deep tissue massage needs.

Rehabilitation, restoring function, and improving mobility are some of describing terms used by our therapists to patients to help them understand what we are here to do. Each patient receives individualized care that focuses on getting them from where they are with injuries to a more balanced and pain-free life post injuries, whether with physical therapy, deep tissue massage, or even both. Choose the specialists at ORS Physical Therapy who are here to help you get back to your life in Stillman Valley better than you were before.

Stillman Valley Deep Tissue Massage