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ORS Physical Therapy is the facility that most of the residents of Stillman Valley choose to visit when they are ready to begin bulging disc therapy that will be effective and efficient. The ORS physician group is a locally owned and operated collective with five facilities in the area, allowing patients to get an appointment within a week, not waiting for months. Not to mention the fact that at ORS, we prefer to take the team approach to bulging disc care with specialists and physical therapists working together to develop an ideal treatment plan for your specific bulging disc injury.

The community of Stillman Valley is home to roughly 1,200 residents in Ogle County. Stillman Valley lies in the broad valley in the Rock River basin in the north-central area of Illinois. Several of the residents of Stillman Valley commute to Rockford for employment and shopping opportunities. As the most sought-after physical therapy facility, it is no wonder why residents of Stillman Valley choose ORS as their desired location when looking for bulging disc treatments. Selecting ORS as the location for bulging disc treatments will be the best decision you have made for your recovery by far.

Until now, you e very much could have been informed that surgery or invasive procedures are the only direction your bulging disc treatment could go in Stillman Valley, but have you talked to the specialists at ORS? Our highly experienced and trained physical therapists and specialists perform comprehensive evaluations on each patient to understand where they are starting off and to develop a treatment plan to meet individual goals. Our goal at ORS is to give our patients increased strength, mobility, and overall pain relief. Take the chance on ORS Physical Therapy near Stillman Valley, and it could be a very life-altering experience!

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