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Have you been diagnosed with vertigo or other balance-related conditions in Roscoe and thought that it was something that you would simply have to live with without any natural treatment? Let us introduce you to the ORS Physical Therapy center, which has five locations, each with highly skilled and experienced physical therapists and movement specialists delivering top-tier vestibular rehab. At ORS, we cannot wait to get the opportunity to collaborate with you to address your specific needs and develop a vestibular rehab program designed solely for you.

Our team of professionals at ORD takes great pride in being able to provide the absolute best vestibular rehab to the residents of Roscoe. The village of Roscoe is located in the north-central region of Illinois in Winnebago County, along the Rock River. Over the years, Roscoe has become one of the fastest-growing villages in Winnebago County with a beautiful rural setting with the convenience of a large city. ORS is the team of specialists that the residents of Roscoe gravitate towards every time.

Finding physical therapists near Roscoe that are able to assist you with vestibular rehab that does not include invasive or surgical procedures can be rather complicated, just not with ORS around the corner. ORS possesses five locally owned and operated facilities near Roscoe that are qualified and knowledgeable in developing and designing vestibular rehab that will give you parts of your life back. Do not settle with balance and mobility issues forever when the professionals at ORS Physical Therapy can provide some light at the end of the struggle tunnel.

Roscoe Vestibular Rehab