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Orthopedic Rehab Specialists (ORS) is a distinguished provider of physical therapy and rehabilitation services, welcoming clients of all ages. Established in 1999, our locally owned and operated clinic is known for offering expert therapy in a setting that is both welcoming and professional. Our comprehensive service range includes physical, occupational, and massage therapy, along with specialized treatments in vestibular rehabilitation and athletic training. A particular speciality of ours is urinary incontinence, ensuring our clients receive in-depth and compassionate care.

Roscoe, IL, is an engaging community with a population of over 10,000. This charming village is well known for its blend of rural beauty and suburban convenience. The community is rich in outdoor activities, thanks in part to the picturesque Rock River that flows through it, and the Leland Park offering serene green spaces for recreation. The Historic Auto Attractions museum in Roscoe adds a historical and cultural dimension to the community, celebrating automotive history. These facets of Roscoe reflect ORS’s commitment to promoting health and wellness in diverse and vibrant communities.

Dedicated to the Roscoe, IL area and beyond, ORS is focused on delivering accessible, top quality care. We provide alternatives to standard doctor’s referrals for physical therapy, offering more affordable yet highly proficient services. Our expertise in urinary incontinence and various rehabilitation areas is backed by a team of experienced specialists, with each member averaging 17 years in their field. This assures that treatment plans are not only customized but also effective for each of our clients. For the residents in Roscoe, IL and the surrounding areas, choosing ORS means choosing a path towards enhanced health, guided by skilled professionals in a nurturing, community-driven environment.

We enjoy what we do here at Orthopedic Rehab Specialists, which is helping people get their lives back one day at a time.  Please call (815) 227-1700 or click here to schedule a free screening.  

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