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Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialists has been the leading provider of physical therapy services since 1999. ORS has 5 locations, and we are growing daily, adding staff and more locations. Sports injury rehab helps with a wide range of problems, pain or injuries. During your first sports rehab visit, a comprehensive evaluation is done to determine the best plan of care for your sports injury therapy. After a sports injury, there are three primary sports rehabilitation objectives. The athlete needs to build strength, improve balance/flexibility, and increase endurance. ORS provides excellent sports injury rehabilitation to our patients in Roscoe.

Roscoe Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Roscoe is in Illinois and incorporated in 1965. The village is in a suburban area along the Rock River with a population of 10,785. Roscoe has been undergoing a period of rapid growth, and so has ORS. ORS now has several new locations that also provide excellent sports injury rehabilitation. If there is one thing that sets ORS apart from the rest, it is our handpicked staff, each of whom has a unique skill set and sports injury rehab focus. Our experienced therapist in Roscoe will help restore function, mobility and relieve pain. When you’re dealing with a sports injury, you want the best sports rehabilitation to give you the best outcome.

Roscoe Sports Rehab

Sports injury rehab is a safe therapeutic approach that helps athletes effectively treat pain and achieve optimal performance. ORS wants to help our patient get back to normal. ORS’s atmosphere is fun and relaxed, and our highly experienced therapist provides the best sports rehab in the area. Sports injury rehab can help you overcome your injury and get you back in the game fast! Contact Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialists today at (815) 227 -1700. Our knowledgeable staff will provide you with all the info you need.

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