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Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialists is honored to be an exceptional rotator cuff therapy center since 1999. ORS provides rotator cuff therapy, plus we offer a wide array of other services. Rotator cuff therapy can be a challenging road depending on the severity of the injury, and our goal is to make it as accessible as possible! Roscoe clients know that ORS offers the most excellent rotator cuff therapy in the area.

Roscoe Rotator Cuff Therapy Center

Roscoe is a village in Winnebago County, Illinois. ORS provides superb rotator cuff therapy to Roscoe’s ever-growing population of approximately 10,500. Our therapists offer outstanding care and effective rotator cuff therapy at our modern rotator cuff therapy center near Roscoe. Rotator cuff therapy can be beneficial as we evaluate every patient individually to determine the best solutions.

Roscoe Rotator Cuff Therapy

ORS’s certified rotator cuff therapy center offers a variety of treatment plans. Patients with a rotator cuff injury often complain of weakness, difficulty sleeping, and pain on the sore shoulder. Rotator cuff therapy can help you overcome your shoulder pain and other conditions. Call Orthopedic Rehab Specialist to schedule your appointment today!

Roscoe Rotator Cuff Therapy | Roscoe Rotator Cuff Therapy Center