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Many triggers can cause lower back pain. If you are dealing with acute or chronic low back pain, then contact Orthopedic Rehab Specialists for a FREE screening. Our Certified Physical Therapist is dedicated to your health and ability to achieve optimal mobility free from pain. As a lower back pain clinic, our goal is to create a low back pain treatment for our patients through a variety of methods. Roscoe residents are welcome to visit any of our locations to achieve lower back pain relief. ORS offers many years of experience and impressive facilities.

Roscoe Lower Back Pain Clinic

ORS provides Certified Physical Therapists that cover a wide range of services that can help with lower back pain. The village of Roscoe has increased in population over the past decade and has nearly 10,800 residents. Roscoe is an ideal place for families and individuals who want the suburbia vibe outside of the busyness of Chicago. We also provide massage therapy to help with low back pain. Whether the focus is Physical Therapy, Orthopedics or Industrial Rehab you can trust our lower back pain clinic to create an individualized low back pain treatment plan that will help you achieve lower back pain relief at ORS.

Roscoe Low Back Pain Treatment

Another way that ORS helps with lower back pain is to implement physical agent modalities that can alleviate low back pain. Some of these include electrical stimulation and ultrasound fluidotherapy. We invite you to schedule an appointment at our lower back pain clinic and allow our team of professionals to work together to develop a low back pain treatment program. Orthopedic Rehab Specialists looks forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve lower back pain relief. Call (815) 227-1700 for a FREE screening!

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