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Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialists offers groundbreaking therapy to provide herniated disc pain relief for patients near Roscoe. ORS is not only the top physical therapy center but the only locally owned outpatient physical therapy facility in the area. Let us help you identify and manage your slipped disc injury. Our therapists have hands-on experience and the knowledge to help our patients with their bulging disc. We use a multidisciplinary approach to create a personalized ruptured disc treatment just for you.

Roscoe Bulging Disc

If your quality of life is affected by a herniated disc, ORS near Roscoe is available to set up a treatment consultation. Roscoe is a small town on the northern border of Illinois. Roscoe’s population is just over 10,000, and many Roscoe residents are clients of ORS. We treat patients who suffer from herniated disc pain and looking for a holistic approach. ORS slipped disc therapy gives our Roscoe patients immediate and lasting relief.

Roscoe Ruptured Disc

If you have a bulging disc and experiencing pain, you can receive an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan at ORS. Patients who suffer from a ruptured disc may live with the ailment and its consequences for years before finding relief. Our ORS therapists are committed to helping you find relief. Let ORS help you get back to normal. Contact Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialists to schedule a consultation today.

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