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Since 1999 Orthopedic Rehab Specialists has provided excellent service to our clients at our physical therapy clinics. ORS is the leader in headache pain relief therapy. Our headache clinic staff offers excellent care and effective headache treatment at our centers. ORS gives Roscoe residents a new way of dealing with their headaches through a headache treatment plan that’s easy to use with no significant side-effects. The headache treatment ORS provides gives our patients headache pain relief.

Roscoe Headache Clinic

Our skilled headache clinic staff is handpicked because of their innovative and advanced skills. Many Roscoe residents choose ORS for their headache pain. Roscoe is a village in Winnebago County, Illinois, a suburb of Rockford with over 10,000 residents. The village of Roscoe is in a suburban area along the Rock River. Roscoe has excellent schools, a low crime rate, and beautiful natural parks. The treatment of headache disorders presents unique challenges. ORS wants to offer our Roscoe clients headache pain relief that works.

Roscoe Headache Treatment

Having a chronic headache can have a draining effect on your quality of life, impacting everything from work, school, family responsibilities, and social life. An accurate headache diagnosis is needed to begin an effective headache treatment plan. ORS’ headache clinic staff is trustworthy and ready to start working on your headache treatment. Our patients can be confident that ORS will develop a comprehensive and effective headache pain relief plan. Call (815) 227-1700 and request a Free Screening today!

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