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Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialists has several therapists certified at all our locations. A fall prevention specialist at ORS helps provide confidence in our Roscoe patients and their ability to stop a fall by being aware of preventative body movement techniques and strengthening weak muscles necessary for stability. We will help you reach your functional goals and fall-proof your life.

ORS can help you reach optimal health and strength. Roscoe is in Illinois and was incorporated in 1965. The village is in a suburban area along the Rock River with a population of 10,785. ORS will give you the tools that equip you with an active approach to fall prevention. We provide techniques and a customized program for each of our Roscoe patients.

ORS fall prevention specialist knows that 1 out of 4 older adults fall in a year. Our certified fall prevention therapists can help keep you or a family member from suffering a catastrophic fall. Contact our Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialists team today for a comprehensive assessment completed by our certified fall prevention specialist.

Roscoe Fall Prevention Specialist