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At ORS Physical Therapy, we are serious about helping our patients gain relief from mouth and jaw problems, repetitive motion disorders, and phantom pain through trigger point dry needling. Dry needling therapy utilizes a solid filament needle inserted into the muscle to treat pain and conditions inhibiting the patient’s motion range. Let the team at ORS treatment center near Roscoe develop a dry needling treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Roscoe Dry Needling Therapy

Committed to bringing the highest quality dry needling techniques to the Roscoe community is ORS’s well-known physical therapy center. Roscoe, Illinois is a rapidly growing suburban village located along the Rock River. Roscoe has a population of just less than 11,000 residents. Our physical therapists are skilled in trigger point dry needling to treat your pain and movement dysfunction efficiently and effectively.

Roscoe Trigger Point Dry Needling

When you visit ORS, you will receive the dry needling treatment that is personalized just for you. Dry needling therapy works through stimulation and relaxation of muscle tissue, and many patients report significant relief after just one session. At ORS, we are committed to seeing you in days, not weeks. We work to provide you a positive treatment experience in a comfortable, local setting when you call the friendly staff of ORS Physical Therapy.

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