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ORS Physical Therapy is the local physical and massage therapy facility that individuals in Rockton turn to when they desire to heal quickly and efficiently. ORS is a unique facility in that our therapists ensure that you receive a customized treatment plan for your exact needs and recovery but also for the use of a dual approach of both physical and massage therapy. With the addition of Swedish massage therapy to your recovery process at ORS, you will experience a reduction in your pain and increased mobility.

One of the handful of ORS locations is nestled inside Rockton’s lovely village. Rockton is on the northern edge of Winnebago County, with just under 8,000 residents. The true midwestern village of Rockton demonstrates the quality of life offered in this small town, are values present around every street corner and sidewalk. Individuals come to Rockton for the schools, culture, countryside, business opportunities, or small-town charm. If you are looking for a facility that incorporates Swedish massage therapy into your recovery near Rockton, look no further than ORS.

No matter which location of ORS facilities you visit for your physical or massage therapy, you will be greeted with an open and welcoming atmosphere where you feel relaxed and comfortable throughout your treatment. Countless times, individuals attend their physical therapy appointments and leave more stressed than when they walked in. Place your trust in the experienced and skilled Swedish massage therapists at ORS Physical Therapy to help heal your body and get back to your life as normal in Rockton much faster.

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