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Do you suffer from chronic pain or discomfort? ORS Physical Therapy is here to help improve your quality of life with lasting pain relief through physical and massage therapy. Conveniently located near Rockton, ORS takes pride in finding relief for our clients. Massage therapy not only brings pain relief but also increases flexibility, boosts your immune system, relieves stress, and more. ORS is excited to help more Rockton residents find lasting pain relief.

Located in Winnebago County, Rockton is home to 7,781 residents. Rockton is considered part of the Rockford Metropolitan Area and is 80 miles west of Chicago. At ORS, we know there are Rockton residents who will significantly benefit from massage therapy. You will be fully satisfied with our treatment plan, as it will be customized to fit your needs. ORS is proud to offer massage therapy to the Rockton area.

When you put your faith in the experienced and caring team at ORS, you can expect a massage therapy experience beyond what you find in a local spa. Our licensed therapists will focus on the source of pain and your end goal to improve your life strategically. You will feel welcome and comfortable in our office! Choose ORS Physical Therapy for pain relief and experience our healing massage therapy options.

Rockton Massage Therapy