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For more than the last twenty years, the physical and massage therapists at ORS Physical Therapy have assisted residents to return to their regular lives with outstanding treatment options in Rockton. Our therapists will work one-on-one with each patient to evaluate what options for treatment will help them recover from their injuries, including deep tissue massage. Adding a deep tissue massage to your treatment will help release built-up tension and allow for more circulation to the affected area, leading to a quick recovery.

The village of Rockton is located in the Rock River Valley in the northern portion of Winnebago County. Rockton demonstrates the characteristics of a True Midwestern Village where residents value the quality of life down to the details in the streets and sidewalks. Many come to Rockton because of the schools, culture, countryside, business opportunities, or simply just for the small-town charm. Attending the facility that puts the wants and needs of their patients first, especially when it comes to getting them back to their life as usual, go to ORS.

There is no other facility near Rockton that possesses physical therapists and massage therapists who are highly trained and consistently stay on top of the industry’s changing techniques, even with a deep tissue massage. Our therapists at ORS take the time to provide treatments like a deep tissue massage to help the patient regain range of motion and return better than before. Trust our staff at ORS Physical Therapy near Rockton to help you recover and get back to life more confident and secure than before the injury struck you.

Rockton Deep Tissue Massage