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ORS Physical Therapy offers top of the line care with a variety of proven therapies that help with TMJ problems. If you’re a Rockford area resident suffering from jaw pain that is causing limited ability to open or close, then contact the team of professionals at ORS. TMJ pain can be caused by trauma, arthritis, or teeth clenching, so getting the proper TMJ treatment is essential to alleviate symptoms.

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Over 10 million in the U.S. suffer from TMJ disorder. Rockford is a beautiful city that lies on the banks of the Rock River in northern Illinois. ORS enjoys welcoming new patients from Rockford, which is the third-largest city in the state and has a population of 152,871. TMJ pain can include headaches and muscle stiffness or jaw pain. ORS will provide individualized TMJ treatment geared to helping you feeling better.

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Several factors attribute to TMJ, which include stress, joint structure, or other medical conditions. ORS is motivated to help eliminate TMJ pain by getting to the root source and providing the proper TMJ treatment that will offer the best long term success. Don’t suffer from jaw pain instead call ORS Physical Therapy at (815) 227-1700 to schedule a FREE screening! Our caring and skilled certified physical therapists offer many years of experience.

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