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ORS Physical Therapy provides physical and massage therapy near Rockford that is effective and pain-reducing. We implement different types of massage, such as Swedish massage, so we can reduce pain and help you heal quickly. Frequently, an injury or required surgery lands patients in our physical therapy office, and we have found that massage therapy is highly effective. A Swedish massage from the ORS team can help increase flexibility, reduce stress, find pain relief, and more!

Consider a Swedish massage from ORS! Conveniently located near Rockford, ORS will provide a comprehensive physical and massage therapy treatment plan. Rockford residents have seen great Swedish massage results working with ORS. Our top-of-the-line physical therapists work in conjunction with our fantastic massage therapists to come up with a plan that incorporates different approaches, like Swedish massage. Our goal is for you to graduate from our therapies!

ORS is unmatched in skill and our dedication to excellence. Our clients understand that they are more than just a number to us, and no two treatment plans will look the same. We take a personalized approach, incorporating Swedish massage therapy, to help you find the best possible relief and live life to the fullest. Call ORS Physical Therapy near Rockford because you deserve relief from pain and discomfort, so let us help and enjoy the lasting relief that comes from our Swedish massage.

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