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Orthopedic Rehab Specialists offers the Rockford area an effective sports injury rehab that will help get you back in the game. Sports injury rehab helps with a wide range of problems, pain or injuries. ORS has an elite team of professionals dedicated to giving you the best sports rehab experience. During your first visit, a comprehensive evaluation is done to determine the best plan of care for your sports injury therapy. Many Rockford patients give ORS credit for helping them recover fully due to the phenomenal motivation and sports rehabilitation. Our goal is to restore function, improve mobility and prevent further injury through education.

Rockford Sports Injury Rehabilitation

ORS provides a highly skilled team to help with sports injury rehabilitation in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Rockford is an Illinois city with great shopping, dining, and entertainment. Rockford cares about citizen’s involvement and their motto reads, “The Government Closest to the People.” We offer four locations where patients can receive sports injury rehab. We handpicked members of our team based on their unique skill set and sports injury therapy focus. When you’re dealing with a sports injury you want the best sports rehabilitation to give you the optimal outcome. Contact ORS to start down your road to recovery on the right foot.

Rockford Sports Rehab

ORS sets itself apart by helping patients succeed through motivated sports injury therapy coupled with talented and diverse staff. Our sports rehabilitation provides extremely effective sports rehab for your current condition or injury. The focus of our team is to create the best plan of action for your specific sports injury rehabilitation needs. Orthopedic Rehab Specialists focuses on giving personal care designed for a customized sports injury rehab experience. If you are near the Rockford area and need sports rehab, call us today at (815) 227-1700.

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