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ORS Physical Therapy is the top-rated physical therapy center in Rockford that provides superior pelvic floor physical therapy to patients as a non-surgical treatment option. Beginning pelvic floor physical therapy will give you the ability to strengthen muscles within the pelvic floor and, in turn, have better control over your bladder and bowel functions. With the help of the experts at ORS, you will be able to get parts of your life back due to the therapists in Rockford.

A massive benefit of attending pelvic floor physical therapy at ORS is that multiple locations, specialists, and therapists provide you with the best treatment options near Rockford. The city of Rockford is one of the largest populated cities present in the state of Illinois that is also located outside the Chicago Metro area. Rockford is home to roughly 170,000 residents in Winnebago County and along the beautiful Rock River. ORS is very gifted to have a location here in Rockford to give residents more accessible access to top-tier pelvic floor physical therapy.

When you first attend ORS, you will meet with physical therapists who will perform a thorough evaluation so that they understand where your beginning point is and will custom create a pelvic floor physical therapy treatment only for you. All specialists and therapists strive to create a welcoming and relaxed environment so you feel comfortable in the Rockford facility. If you are just learning about pelvic floor physical therapy, no problem! Allow our knowledgeable team at ORS Physical Therapy in Rockford to help get you started feeling better and more confident in no time at all!

Rockford Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy