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ORS Physical Therapy is proud to offer healing massage therapy sessions at our Rockford location. Consisting of 30, 60, or 90 minutes, our massage therapists specialize in multiple techniques. This allows us to offer you the massage therapy option to provide you with the best relief! At ORS, we believe in whole health and treating pain at the source. You will feel relief from pain with massage therapy from ORS in Rockford.

ORS is a leading provider of massage therapy in the Rockford area because we focus our therapy specifically on each individual, providing the most effective and rejuvenating experience. With a population of over 147,000, Rockford is a northern Illinois city with plenty to do. Located near large metropolitan areas, Rockford prides itself on being the “City of Gardens,” with many recreational opportunities. Enjoy your beautiful town to the fullest with the help of massage therapy from ORS.

Massage therapy can be effective at treating and eliminating pain. The expert team at ORS stays up to date on the latest techniques and breakthroughs so we are able to help our clients to the fullest. During your consultation, please disclose any pain or discomfort you are having so we can develop an effective massage therapy plan. Relax and find relief from pain with massage therapy from ORS Physical Therapy in Rockford.

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