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ORS Physical Therapy is home to a massage therapist you can trust near Rockford. Licensed, insured, and up to date on current medical information and treatment options, our massage therapists work to identify and treat the source of your pain. ORS will have the answers to your concerns. When you work with ORS and our massage therapist, you find a new path to health and happiness in the Rockford area.

ORS works closely with our patients to develop an excellent action plan near Rockford. With a population of over 147,000, Rockford is a northern Illinois city with plenty to do. Located near large metropolitan areas, Rockford prides itself on being the “City of Gardens,” with many recreational opportunities. You will not regret working with the talented team at ORS, which includes physical and massage therapists.

Your treatment plan from ORS will address your needs and offer solutions. Our massage therapists will see what approach and course of action is best for you and work to find you the best possible quality of life. You will love the atmosphere and friendly staff at ORS Physical Therapy, and we are excited to offer more residents top-of-the-line massage therapists. Call our office today to schedule your consultation!

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