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Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialists provide a wide range of services that help our patients get the best care and optimal results. If you are looking for a fall prevention specialist in the Rockford area, ORS offers highly trained professionals who customize treatment and recommendations. You do not have to wait until a fall occurs to seek out our services. Prevention is key to avoiding falls. Our team has a history of success and partners with you to keep you safe.

ORS offers a comprehensive evaluation, and our certified physical therapist will determine the best plan of action as a fall prevention specialist. The city of Rockford has been nicknamed ‘The Forest City.” You will find that this Illinois city is thriving in diversity and business with a population of 153,379. ORS commits to the highest standard of care and physical agent modalities.

Our fall prevention specialist goes above and beyond to help patients with stability and strength in a strategic way that limits their risk of falling. No matter your age or condition, ORS commits to finding a program that works and is customized to you. Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialists helps you achieve strength, flexibility, and movement patterns that will reduce your risk of falling. Contact us today to learn more or to request a consultation.

Rockford Fall Prevention Specialist