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Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialists focuses on providing friendly and successful physical therapy and sports medicine services in the Rockford area. We offer new and modern services such as dry needling, which allows us to isolate specific muscles and stimulate them for relief. Dry needling therapy has been proven to provide relief from muscle pain, and we are proud to offer this service at ORS. The specialists at ORS will help ease your muscle tension with our trigger point dry needling services. Contact us today to see how our cutting-edge approaches to pain relief can help you!

Rockford Dry Needling Therapy

At ORS, we serve Rockford residents by providing successful pain relief approaches, such as dry needling. Rockford is located in Winnebago County, Illinois, with a population of 145,609. Rockford has a diverse industrial background with a heavy presence in the automobile, aerospace, and healthcare industries. Rockford offers many recreational opportunities, and at ORS, we don’t want your pain to hold you back from living an active lifestyle! Dry needling therapy will isolate your pain and provide relief from muscle tension. At ORS, we are continually looking for ways to serve our Rockford residents, and offering trigger point dry needling services is one way we are providing pain relief!

Rockford Trigger Point Dry Needling

Allow ORS to create a customized dry needling plan to help create a healthier you! Our goal is to treat your pain source by providing sustained relief, and trigger point dry needling allows us to do just that. ORS consists of diverse staff with different backgrounds, allowing us to work together to find solutions from multiple angles. Dry needling therapy is provided to you by licensed physical therapists handpicked to join the ORS team. Contact us today and set up a consultation to see how Orthopedic Rehabilitation Services can provide you pain relief.

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