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The healing process can be complex, and you never know what your physicians are discussing. Lucky for you, ORS Physical Therapy is here to help make the process easier in Rockford. With the help of the physical and massage therapists at ORS, we take the team approach to develop the most optimal treatment plan to help you feel better sooner. The process could include different types of physical therapy and even a deep tissue massage. Incorporating a deep tissue massage helps increase circulation and assists with healing. At ORS, our staff always has your best interest in mind.

You no longer must go with the facility that was chosen for you simply, and you have the ability to choose ORS for all of your physical and massage therapy needs. The village of Rockford is a town that many of the 7,500 residents came to for its wonderful small-town charm but stayed for the incredible schools, culture, countryside, and business opportunities. Nestled in the Rock River Valley in Winnebago County, Rockford is located near the Wisconsin border in Northern Illinois. If you are searching for a deep tissue massage that focuses on rehabilitation versus a spa massage, ORS is the facility near Rockford that provides exactly that.

At ORS, we hand-select each of our staff members at all five of our locations near Rockford who are all licensed, insured, and up to date on all treatments to provide you with optimal care. Adding deep tissue massage therapy into your treatment plan will help with the healing process and increase your range of motion. Receiving a deep tissue massage at ORS is quite different from a spa massage because it focuses more on your specific injuries to offer you the best healing process. ORS Physical Therapy is the only facility near Rockford that genuinely puts patients first when creating unique treatment plans.

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