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Are you struggling with spinal issues such as ruptured, herniated, or bulging discs? At ORS Physical Therapy, we provide patients relief with a personalized plan of care. Our team of professionals works together to create the best treatment plan for your specific bulging disc issue. You will find holistic healing and a supportive environment at ORS Physical Therapy. We can help provide relief from bulging disc pain as well as help our Rockford clients avoid surgery.

Consult with the team at ORS Physical Therapy for non-surgical ways to heal and find relief from your bulging disc. We are proud to help Rockford residents find relief! Located on the Rock River, Rockford is the fourth largest city in the state of Illinois, with a population of over 148,000. Full of beautiful architecture and rich history, Rockford is a beautiful place to live and visit. Rockford residents know they can trust the experts at ORS Physical Therapy for relief from a bulging disc.

At ORS Physical Therapy, our physical therapists are certified and offer a wide range of treatment options for patients with bulging discs. We will work with you to provide holistic and optimal healing that will only improve your quality of life. ORS Physical Therapy can also help avoid surgery for bulging discs and prevent further damage. Why live life with pain or undergo invasive surgery if you do not have to? Call ORS Physical Therapy today!

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