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ORS Physical Therapy specialists support athletes and those who try to maintain health through exercising. Not surprisingly, we know that injuries happen, and you will need a sports injury rehabilitation center when you least expect it. For the sports injury rehab team experienced in sports injury rehabilitation, you need ORS. Founded in 1999 with the mission of providing quality and effective sports injury therapy in a relaxed environment, our team is dedicated to helping people get their lives back, one day at a time, through sports rehabilitation.

Poplar Grove Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Sports injury therapy can help manage pain and strengthen your injured area post-surgery. ORS offers the best in sports rehabilitation to patients near Poplar Grove. Surrounded by a vibrant farming community, the growing village of nearly 6,000 residents in Boone County, IL, takes full advantage of Poplar Grove’s peaceful community and growing economic development. ORS is committed to patient satisfaction and effectively meeting your sports injury rehabilitation needs. We have a talented and diverse staff geared to giving you the best in sports rehabilitation.

Poplar Grove Sports Rehab

ORS is owned by a physical therapist, which means our focus is on our patients and the sports injury therapy we provide. Every injury is different, so we perform a comprehensive exam to determine the custom sports injury therapy we pursue. Our mission is to provide the highest skill level in sports injury rehab in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Our team helps keep you motivated during sports injury rehabilitation, and at ORS Physical Therapy, we desire to help bring optimal results with our sports rehabilitation knowledge.

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