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Nearly 80% of people will need a physical therapist at some point. ORS Physical Therapy near Poplar Grove is the preferred choice for many in the area. Pain relief needs and symptoms vary from individual to individual. That is why at ORS physical therapy clinic, our physical therapist will work with patients to provide specific physical rehabilitation treatment options to maximize pain relief. We specialize in physical therapy with maximum pain relief without addictive medications or unnecessary surgical procedures.

Poplar Grove Physical Therapist

Dedicated to the residents of Poplar Grove and the surrounding community is the physical rehab center of ORS. We are the preferred physical therapist to help patients develop the most successful treatment outcomes. The nearly 6,000 residents of the village of Poplar Grove in Boone County, IL, take full advantage of economic development while maintaining a peaceful and growing community. As one of the most progressive cities, it is no wonder Poplar Grove patients depend on ORS physical rehab center for their physical therapy needs.

Poplar Grove Physical Therapy Clinic

At ORS physical rehab center, we understand the frustration pain can cause, and we have the physical rehabilitation options and physical therapy to bring you the relief you need are seeking. Our physical therapists collaborate with you to restore and improve mobility, relieve pain, and prevent further injury. A well-known fixture in the community, ORS physical therapy clinic strives to provide innovative physical therapy for our patients to ease pain and increase the quality of life. We treat the whole person at ORS Physical Therapy. See the difference today!

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