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ORS Physical Therapy is the leading option for pelvic floor physical therapy in the Poplar Grove area. Pelvic floor physical therapy will give you more control over the pelvic floor, which consists of the urinary tract, reproductive organs, and the colorectal region. A common opinion is that pelvic floor physical therapy is only for women, but at ORS, we can tell you that there are significant benefits to all!

ORS is proud to provide pelvic floor physical therapy to residents in the Poplar Grove area. Poplar Grove was named initially for poplar trees growing near the town site. Home to 5,049 people, Poplar Grove, was officially founded in 1859. If you are in the Poplar Grove area and feel that the benefits of pelvic floor physical therapy would help you, please do not hesitate to reach out to the professionals at ORS!

Be sure to improve your quality of life! Pelvic floor physical therapy from ORS will benefit your life in many ways because your custom treatment plan is tailored to deliver the optimal results you desire. Whether you need more control of your bladder, bowels, or reproductive organs, you will benefit from pelvic floor physical therapy from ORS Physical Therapy. Call us today to schedule your consultation!

Poplar Grove Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy