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Are you experiencing pain due to injury, chronic disease, or prolonged sports-related activity? If so, the team at ORS Physical Therapy is here to offer a wide range of services to Poplar Grove residents, including occupational therapy. Occupational therapy can provide relief from muscle spasms and pain. At ORS Physical Therapy, we treat each patient individually, creating a personalized occupational therapy plan to heal your pain at the source. We are proud to help those in Poplar Grove find relief with occupational therapy.

Do not live your life in pain! ORS Physical Therapy is passionate about helping Poplar Grove locals find the best quality of life. Over 5,000 people call Poplar Grove home, and the area has been settled since the early 1800s. Poplar Grove residents trust the expertise of ORS Physical Therapy and the results of our occupational therapy plans. Every patient and case is different, so you can trust that your occupational therapy treatment will be personalized and catered to your situation.

At ORS Physical Therapy, we focus on each patient’s overall health, providing pain relief and occupational therapy. If you have suffered an injury or have pain from overtraining, you may have pain radiating from specific trigger points or muscle fibers. When you seek treatment from ORS Physical Therapy, you can trust that the problem is being treated at the source of your occupational therapy plan. Call us today, and let’s get you on the road to healing!

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