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ORS Physical Therapy is a leader in providing pain relief through physical and massage therapy near Poplar Grove. Are you suffering from chronic pain or discomfort? There is no reason to have this low quality of life! At ORS, our cohesive team collaborates to formulate the best plan for your healing, using both physical and massage therapy. If you are looking for effective massage therapy in the Poplar Grove area, ORS is the name to know!

At ORS, we know many Poplar Grove residents can benefit from our massage therapy services. Poplar Grove was initially named for poplar trees growing near the town site. Home to 5,049 people, Poplar Grove was officially founded in 1859. ORS is here to help you live your best life! There is no need to suffer from pain and discomfort every day. Massage therapy is sometimes incorporated to help the physical therapy recovery process, as we are focused on overall healing.

You will receive a massage therapy experience from ORS that surpasses that of a routine spa massage. Our licensed therapists will focus on the source of pain as well as your end goal to improve your life strategically. The office environment and staff at ORS are open and inviting, so feel comfortable with us! ORS Physical Therapy is here to help with your physical and massage therapy needs.

Poplar Grove Massage Therapy