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Are you hunting for an orthopedic treatment facility near Poplar Grove that will help get you back to life as usual after your accident, surgery, or even sports injuries? It sounds like you are looking for experts at ORS Physical Therapy. For more than twenty years and five locations later, ORS has become one of the top treatment offices with a top-tier selection of physical and massage therapist team members. The goal of our staff, including massage therapists, is to devise a course of action that will effectively heal and recover with optimal results.

The Poplar Grove village isis located in Boone County and is home to roughly 5,000 individuals. This small town is named after the abundance of poplar trees that were once naturally present in this area. With the growing population of Poplar Grove, it has offered residents and visitors more of a rural feel. You will not be able to locate another orthopedic treatment office near Poplar Grove that will match the experience and knowledge set that the massage therapist at ORS provides to patients on their road to recovery.

Physical therapists are very common for individuals to seek recovery post-surgery, accident, or even a sports injury, but what about a massage therapist? A massage therapist at ORS will provide targeted treatments that are different than spa massages to help with the overall recovery process. Increased circulation, inflammation reduction, and reduced tension are all benefits of having a massage therapist as part of your treatment plan. Make the right choice to call ORS Physical Therapy to schedule an appointment near Poplar Grove for evaluation.

Poplar Grove Massage Therapist