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What would you say if we told you that at ORS Physical Therapy near Poplar Grove, we could help you live a fuller life with a herniated, slipped, or bulging disc? Would you believe us? Well, the specialists at ORS can do just that for you! After a comprehensive evaluation, we can then develop a custom treatment plan for your specific ruptured disc injury to help reduce pain, restore function, and improve mobility. Your plan partnered with a welcoming and comfortable facility atmosphere; ORS is prepared to assist you with taking your life back from that herniated disc.

Poplar Grove Bulging Disc

Poplar Grove is a beautiful place to call home with all of its charm and heritage. Over the years, Poplar Grove has continued growing in population from a farming town that is now a bustling village with modern housing developments, a business community, and an airport. The small-town residents all talk, and ORS is often a topic of conversation. ORS is the facility that many of the residents of Poplar Grove have chosen to begin their bulging or slipped disc road to recovery.

Poplar Grove Ruptured Disc

Did you know that if you leave a herniated or bulging disc untreated, it can lead to more progressive damage? How about avoiding that together and getting stronger and healthier than ever with the guidance of the specialists at ORS. ORS offers a wide range of services, specialists, and physical therapists to deliver comprehensive care for a slipped or ruptured disc. Schedule your herniated disc consultation with ORS Physical Therapy near Poplar Grove today and start the road to a more functional life tomorrow.

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