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ORS Physical Therapy is a well-known fixture in the Poplar Grove community, and our dry needling therapists have extensive experience. Dry needling therapy is growing in popularity for its convenience and exceptional results. Because trigger point dry needling can be done in a simple office setting, it is one of the safest and less invasive treatment options. We utilize individualized treatment options to deliver optimized pain relief, ensuring you receive the best care at ORS. If your pain is severely limiting your quality of life, the professionals of ORS are here to help!

Poplar Grove Dry Needling Therapy

At ORS, we have been honored to serve our patients in the Poplar Grove and the surrounding community with caring and effective trigger point dry needling. Named for the abundance of poplar trees nearby and surrounded by a vibrant farming community near the Long Prairie Trail, the nearly 6,000 residents of the village of Poplar Grove in Boone County, Illinois, can take full advantage of economic development while maintaining a peaceful and growing community. We collaborate with you to achieve whole-body health through chiropractic and holistic care.

Poplar Grove Trigger Point Dry Needling

ORS pain clinic near Poplar Grove performs dry needling therapy that helps release knots and relieves muscle pain and spasms in a clean, comfortable environment. Our treatment team encourages partnering trigger point dry needling with overall health and wellness to improve your pain relief by offering a holistic approach. Call for a free consultation appointment or information on how dry needling therapy helps relieve pain from whiplash, tension headaches, and joint problems when you call ORS Physical Therapy today.

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