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The team of individuals you choose to be part of your recovery in Poplar Grove is very important, and there is one facility in the area with a team of exquisite therapists who are qualified and skilled to help: ORS Physical Therapy. For years, the team of experienced physical and massage therapists has been designing and performing unique treatment plans to help patients recover in a condition that is lightyears better than before the injury. These plans can include treatments like a deep tissue massage that can decrease tension and increase circulation.

At ORS, you will receive care like a deep tissue massage that will allow you to recover in a faster, more efficient time frame than before. The growing population of Poplar Grove is now home to more than 5,000 residents in this rural feeling community. The positioning of Poplar Grove allows the community to take full advantage of both economic development and convenient access to major expressways while maintaining a peaceful and expanding community. For the physical therapy facility that puts your needs and specific conditions first, it’s time to switch over to ORS.

Our primary goal at ORS is to work to restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain, and prevent further injury through education. Instead of mindlessly attending your physical therapy appointments without feeling heard or helped, call ORS Physical Therapy. At ORS, you will receive treatments like a deep tissue massage geared towards helping you have a successful recovery. You cannot trust just anyone with your physical therapy in Poplar Grove, but you can trust the professionals at ORS Physical Therapy to put your care first.

Poplar Grove Deep Tissue Massage