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How often have you seen doctors or gone to physical therapy for your bulging disc injury in Poplar Grove, just to be left at the end in the same place you were when you arrived, with no progression? Ineffective treatment happens more often than you might think, which is why if this has happened to you, then it is time you call ORS Physical Therapy near Poplar Grove and start from scratch. Each patient at ORS begins with a comprehensive evaluation to fully understand where your starting point is so that we can create a dedicated treatment plan for your bulging disc needs.

The village of Poplar Grove is one of the growing populations in Boone County that is a great place to call home with all the charm and heritage it has to offer. Poplar Grove was named after the grove of poplar trees that once engulfed the area, some of which were waned, allowing the community to begin development. You no longer need to allow a bulging disc injury to keep you from experiencing and enjoying all that life has to offer in Poplar Grove or anywhere, with the professionals at ORS being located right around the corner.

Our locally owned and operated facilities near Poplar Grove are designed to offer a welcoming and relaxed environment for patients so they feel comfortable with our experienced physical therapists. The goal with our bulging disc patients is to bring them relief, prevent further injury, and gain strength. Physical therapists at ORS want to see you better and are dedicated to helping you as much as you are willing to put the work in yourself. With ORS, we try to avoid invasive procedures to handle bulging disc pain as much as possible, so give ORS Physical Therapy the chance to help you holistically cope with your bulging disc injury.

Poplar Grove Bulging Disc