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ORS Physical Therapy is the most sought-after and trusted facility in Northern Illinois for vestibular rehab. There is no other physical therapy center in Northern Illinois that can complete with the level of dedication and commitment to developing a vestibular rehab program for individuals that is natural, non-surgical, and non-invasive. Each movement specialist works alongside our chiropractors to ensure your vestibular rehab works for your needs and is long-lasting. ORS is the trusted vestibular rehab facility in Northern Illinois.

The Northern Illinois region covers at least a third of the entire state and holds about 75% of the population. Here in Northern Illinois, you will find a combination of the area like significant cities, rolling hills, dense agricultural lands, small towns, and more. It also happens to be where all five ORS facilities are located. ORS is proud to offer many diverse types of physical therapy services that are proven effective, like our vestibular rehab programs that are designed uniquely for each patient individually.

When in Northern Illinois, the only physical therapy center that is going to be able to offer you top-of-the-line vestibular rehab is going to be ORS. Our goal is to help you improve mobility, reduce dizziness, restore balance, and achieve long-lasting results. ORS will give you the vestibular rehab treatment and tools to be able to retake control of your life and some, if not all, of your independence back. ORS Physical Therapy is the center you should choose for long-lasting and proven effective vestibular rehab in Northern Illinois.

Northern Illinois Vestibular Rehab