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The physicians and therapists that are a part of your recovery process will have a significant impact on how well or not so well your process goes. With the professional physical and massage therapists from ORS Physical Therapy on your team, you can rest assured that you are in the most qualified hands in all of Northern Illinois. Our successful and knowledgeable team creates an open and inviting atmosphere at all five of our locations to help make the treatments not feel so stressful, and you are more comfortable.

Northern Illinois is home to 75% of the state’s population and economic activities, as it is home to Chicago, the Quad Cities, and Rockford. Across Northern Illinois, five different locations of ORS facilities are all staffed with incredible members who are skilled at what they do. With a team of physical and massage therapists from ORS helping you through the treatment plan, you will have more sets of eyes and brains, creating the most efficient plan for the most optimum results.

Take control over your treatment and recovery process by choosing ORS, the facility in Northern Illinois with the most qualified and skilled physical and massage therapists. Each therapist is licensed, insured, and current on techniques, training, and technology in order to offer you the best healing experience. Plus, a massage therapist at ORS will provide more targeted care toward your recovery than receiving a spa massage anywhere else. ORS Physical Therapy is an orthopedic rehabilitation facility in Northern Illinois that is ready and excited to help you get back to your life with effective treatments.

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