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ORS Physical Therapy is a well-trusted physical therapy practice that incorporates many therapies, like deep tissue massage, to give you lasting relief! The professional team at ORS includes physical therapists as well as massage therapists, so we can create a customized plan for you! Deep tissue massages help to relieve pain at the underlying source, and we are proud of our stellar reputation in Northern Illinois.

ORS has experienced massage therapists continuously learning new techniques and approaches to best serve you! We are proud to serve our Northern Illinois clients with deep tissue massages that bring lasting relief to sore and aching joints and muscles. ORS is here to give you the best quality of life in the least painful and invasive way. Deep tissue massage can be healing and provide relief from chronic pain.

The experts at ORS will assess where you are now concerning your injury or chronic pain to create an individualized approach to reduce pain, increase mobility, and restore function to your troubled areas. Deep tissue massage is implemented at ORS so we can target your pain and help you feel relief during the rehabilitation process. Trust the dynamic team at ORS Physical Therapy with your deep tissue massage needs.

Northern Illinois Deep Tissue Massage